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Welcome to the Powerbots website!


What makes us unique:  We help rebuild with a personal touch. It is called PowerBots World – short form is PB&J World

We Adopt a Disaster in a Village and connect it back to local community:

We help people in those disasters in three ways:


  • Network

    • be able to recruit children in various countries to be part of the PowerBots Network

    • PowerBots get connected via common website/thread to help out disaster around the world

  • Communicate

    • Have education video blogs

    • video chat with those affected

    • Have jokes/fun items

    • Children may feel better if they get to meet celebrity – have a celebrity poll so that the affected people can chose which celebrity they would like to see

  • Money:

    • Donate money

    • Help collect donation from local communities via social networks like Facebook

    • Have local fundraising events announcement

    • track money collected from various local communities


For each disaster,

Money Tracker - where your money goes

Volunteer Tracker - where are the volunteers avaialble in the world

Resource Tracker - what/how many supplies are available 

If you want to donate to the victims of Gujarat Earthquake please use the Paypal button below.

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